The Wedding Present: Something Left Behind

Director Andrew Jezard
United Kingdom / 87 min. / 2018 / English (VOSE)

Thirty years of “the best record about a break-up ever made”. An extensive review of the gestation, the imprint of George Best, and the debut of the British indie institution, The Wedding Present.
Obsession with music, doomed love affairs and the youth that slips through our fingers are some of the themes around which this conscientious documentary about The Wedding Present’s first LP revolves. Formed in Leeds in 1985, the group captained by true goldsmith of pop, David Gedge, filled the void left by The Smiths and marked an era with a record that is partly responsible for the subsequent pop boom of the ‘90s. Coinciding with the thirtieth anniversary of its release, and with its live review, in this film, the group themselves and a legion of fans spill the beans on the legendary album. Gedge’s ex-girlfriend recalls the break-up that inspired the lyrics, Gedge explains his fascination with George Best (the mythical and self-destructive end of Manchester United in the ‘60s that would give name and image to the album), Peel’s widow rummages around the presenter’s personal archive for files on the group that dazzled him instantly… and the fans confess why those twelve pieces of melodic, nervous and abrasive rock on lovelessness were forever embedded in their heads like the soundtrack of their early lives.

Andrew Jezard
Andrew Jezard, Jon Muschamp
James Vam Vliet