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Noches de Rock'n'Roll

Director Fernando Colomo
Spain / 89 min. / 2018 / Spanish (VO)

Fernando Colomo, director of “¿Qué hace una chica como tú en un sitio como este?”, reunites with Burning to coincide with the 40th anniversary of the flagship band of Spanish rock.

May 9th is a date that haunts the legendary group from Madrid’s Elipa neighbourhood. On that day, in 1991, Toño died, its charismatic singer since the early days in which they combined glam rock and “stoniana” tradition. In 1997, it was Pepe “Risi”, guitarist and godfather of countless Spanish rock guitarists, who left them. And also, May 9th, 2015 was when the band, whose flame keeps the keyboardist and singer Johnny Cifuentes alive, celebrated its 40th anniversary in style. That’s when we witness the rehearsals with guests like Enrique Bunbury, Luz Casal, Josele Santiago (The Enemies), Rubén Pozo (Pereza), Álvaro Urquijo and Ramón Arroyo (The Secrets) and Carlos Tarque (M Clan), while director, Fernando Colomo reviews the history and legacy of Burning at the hands of the founding bassist Quique Pérez, journalist (and former neighbour at the rehearsal space) Jesus Ordovás, Loquillo, Rosendo Mercado, family, friends and Cifuentes himself. Suburban working-class pride, the ravages of (wall to wall) smack, incorrigible bar-room romanticism, bomb-proof rock passion and “all that which time did not erase”.

Thursday 1 at 21:30h: Presentation by the documentary team

Johnny Burning, Loquillo, Bunbury, Luz Casal, Los Secretos, Carmen Maura, Rubén Pozo, Alberto Marín, Josele Santiago, Carlos Tarque, Jesús Ordovás.