My Generation

Director David Batty
United Kingdom / 85 min. / 2017 / English (VOSE)

The “Swinging London” of the ‘60s in all its splendour, told through the eyes of the actor Michael Caine and the voices of contemporaries of the generation that starred in that oh-so colourful and liberating “assault on popular culture.”

With classics by the Kinks, Beatles, Stones and Animals ringing out one after the other, icon of British cinema Michael Caine co-produces and narrates in first person, this history of the eminently youthful revolution that crossed the entire English cultural spectrum — music, cinema, art, fashion — of the ‘60s. The film, however, is not just a nostalgically delightful chronicle of his early life. Over a spectacular visual torrent of archival images, psychedelic posters, miniskirts and “scandalous” hairstyles, Caine defends the thesis that this was the first time that young workers, like himself, dared to claim a leading role in flourishing popular culture. And he surrounds himself with a lavish voices and key names from “Swinging London”: from pop stars like Paul McCartney, Roger Daltrey, Sandie Shaw and Lulu to pop art stars like Dudley Edwards, to Marianne Faithfull, photographer David Bailey, film producer David Puttnam, fashion designer Mary Quant and models like Twiggy and Penelope Tree. The story told many times, but never in this way, of a culture shocked generation that yearned to break free of the boring, grey and classist England of their parents and grandparents, and that as some protagonists remember, was based on a right proper public education.

Dick Clement, Ian Le Frenais
Michael Caine, Dick Clement, Simon Fuller, Ian Le Frenais
Ben Hodgson
Ben Hilton