In the middle of Norway

Director Mia P. Salazar
Spain /38 min. / 2018 / Spanish (VO)

The double life of Jorge Martí, singer of La Habitación Roja. In summer, a professional musician on the great stages of Spain and Latin America; the rest of the year, nurse in a centre for Alzheimer’s patients and dementia in Norway.

How do you stay sane when you live two opposite lives? What if those lives are also in places and climates as different as Spain and Scandinavia? In this story brimming with epic dichotomies, Jorge Martí, from the Valencia group La Habitación Roja, intimately explains how he tries to manage and understand this duality: that of a pop star in Spain and Latin America and that of a nurse on the night shift when he returns to the snow of the Norwegian fjords, where he lives with his wife, who is seriously affected by a chronic illness. A continuous contrast between pop and the silence of illness, in which the musician verbalizes the uprooting that implies living two realities without permanently staying in one or the other.



Jorge Martí – La Habitación Roja frontman, who will offer a performance in the cinema after the screening of the documentary (Doc Alive) with Pau Roca, bassist of La Habitación Roja. After the screening on sunday 4th at 18.45h.

Bungard Film
Georg Bungard