Bandera Negra: El documental

Director Ramiro McTersse
Spain / 80 min. / 2018 / Spanish (VO)

The team behind Bandera Negra, the Radio 3 program dedicated to hardcore-punk, alternative rock and the world of skateboarding, take to the road to check back in with the groups that have graced the studio over the course of five years.
The initial statement of intent is unequivocal. The team behind the radio program Bandera Negra conceives this documentary adventure as “the verification of five years of rowing in galleys, of carrying pick and shovel to give a public radio voice to infinite distorted sound bands that have little to do with the unbridled boogying masses. A tribute to the bands without full capacity or determined cache”. And, under that maxim, they travel the peninsula to visit old and new exponents of the hardcore scene of Andalusia, Galicia, Asturias, Euskadi, Catalonia and Madrid. Chaos, battles and good times between friends who simply do not see themselves doing anything else: in the van with G.A.S. Drummers, barbecue with the folks of the promoter Hardcore For My Nose, a natter with Cesar Strawberry (Def Con Dos), Fer (Potencial HC) or La Chula Crew in Madrid, or with Fermín Muguruza and members of Berri Txarrak or Bap! in gaztetxes, social centres managed by kids born after NOFX’ “Punk in Drublic”.

Friday 2nd at 22:00h: Presentation by the documentary team.

Dani Llamas, Gonzalo Ávila, Ramiro McTersse
Kaiser Sosse