The official meeting point of the festival will be a pop-up bar existing only for 11 days.

Beefeater In-Edit is a film festival, but we know that screening documentaries isn’t the be all and end all for our audiences. Coming to the festival is also about seeing who you’ll meet in the queue, chatting about the film afterwards with mates and strangers, feeling the buzz of sharing a cinema with more than a thousand other folks, grabbing a quick bite before watching the movie, exchanging knowing glances when your selection hits the spot, savouring a great gin and tonic at the cinema and doodling all over your copy of the programme. For these reasons, La Cantina was born, a festival bar that only exists during the festival (11 evenings in October and November) and whose goal is to become a natural meeting point for viewers, the organization, film makers and anyone else that wants to stop by and say “Hi!” at an inclusive and social festival. Food designed for film festivalgoers, great music, a bunch of surprises, and the spirit of the festival are the pillars upon on which we’re building our pop-up bar: La Cantina.